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Lloyd J. Matthews Attorney At Law

Sticking up for the underdog in life has long been a passion for Lloyd J. Matthews, Attorney at Law, which prompted the passion for criminal defense that can be seen today. However, since the state so often pursues charges despite the wishes of the alleged victim, it seems as though there is a discrepancy in the purpose of the legal system and how it is commonly applied. This is especially true in Georgia, where Attorney Matthews has been practicing for over 30 years.

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer in Canton, GA, if you have been charged with a criminal offense, can be vital in the success of your case, and Attorney Matthews has proved effective and satisfactory for countless clients. With expertise in the field of criminal defense, which spans several subcategories, there is no better option available to those who have found themselves in a difficult situation with the law. Regardless of the circumstances, it is crucial to enlist the services of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with specific experience in your field of need. Ranging from drug crimes, firearm crimes, theft, and sex crimes, to traffic violations and violent crimes, Lloyd J. Matthews, Attorney at Law, is ready and waiting to help.

Meet Attorney Lloyd J. Matthews

Lloyd J. Matthews, Esq.

I’ve been practicing Criminal Law for over 34 years and have established a long track record of success defending over two thousand clients. I received my undergraduate education at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University, and then I received my law degree from the Law School of Georgia State University in Atlanta. My gravitation towards criminal defense had, at its source, a desire to try to compensate for wrongs that I detected in our legal system. I always wanted to be a spokesman for the underdog and I perceived that the criminal accused was in most cases at a sharp disadvantage as compared to the State.

Appeals and Habeas Corpus

Following a criminal conviction, it may seem as though few or no options are available to you, primarily if you have previously worked with an inexperienced attorney or took the word of the court and prosecution in your case. However, the courts in Georgia are not as infallible as one may initially believe, and there are many circumstances in which it may have made a mistake.

This is precisely where an appellate or habeas corpus attorney can be of significant benefit to you. Whether you believe there were substantial mistakes made during your trial, or you think you may have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned, contacting an attorney as soon as possible can mean the difference between walking free and falling victim to the system.

Drug Offenses

Georgia does not look kindly on those who are suspected to be involved in one of any number of drug offenses punishable in the state. With some of the most stringent and severe punishments in the country, finding yourself at the wrong end of the law can present substantial challenges and hardship when attempting to move on with your life. However, you may find the tide can turn in your favor with the right drug offense attorney.

Regardless of what the prosecution may want you to think, there are many options available to those facing drug offense charges. From diversion programs to rehabilitation, what may have been a lengthy jail sentence and financial penalty can be mitigated. However, without an experienced drug offense attorney, these options may not be made known or available to you, so call Lloyd J. Matthews, Attorney at Law, today.

Violent and Sex Crimes

With the stigma present around violent crimes and those of a sexual nature, it can be challenging to get a fair shake in court. Especially if working with a lawyer of sub-par ability, these crimes can be railroaded through the court system without so much as a second thought. Attorney Matthews feels this is an injustice. Regardless of the alleged offense, everyone accused is entitled to a fair trial with the same due process given to anyone else in the criminal court. To ensure you receive a fair chance to prove your innocence or avoid any shady dealings from the prosecution, contact Lloyd J. Matthews, Attorney at Law, in Canton, GA.

Traffic Violations

While traffic violations may seem relatively minor, it is often an area of the law that is given a pass and assumed not to be harmful. This, however, is not the case. The fees and penalties racked up over time can be significant and can even result in the loss of license or a more severe criminal charge if ignored for too long. To ensure you avoid any such misfortune and possibly get out of the ticket altogether, Lloyd J. Matthews, Attorney at Law, is the traffic violation lawyer for you.

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What To Do Next!

Regardless of the possible charge, equipping yourself with the best criminal defense lawyer in Canton, GA, is a great place to start. Whether already convicted or still awaiting trial, giving an attorney a call can be surprisingly beneficial. However, the first step is to contact Lloyd J. Matthews, Attorney at Law, to schedule an initial consultation regardless of the situation. During this meeting, we will discuss your predicament, the possible solutions, and the best plan of action tailored specifically to your circumstances. Matters of criminal law are especially time-sensitive, and it is critical to take action early. So don’t hesitate, and call Lloyd J. Matthews, Attorney at Law, as soon as possible!

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My client was charged with Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Malice Murder. The District Attorney wanted my client to serve a life sentence. After presenting evidence for self-defense and encouraging my client to testify, my client was able to receive a Not Guilty verdict.
Client was convicted for Trafficking Methamphetamine after being pulled over in his car and searched. My client was sentenced to 25 years in prison before hiring me to handle his appeal. After arguing the ruling with the Court of Appeals, the conviction was reversed due to the presented evidence that the mere spatial proximity to hidden drugs was insufficient to sustain his conviction.
Client was previously convicted for Felony Robbery and Aggravated Assault and was to serve 15 years in prison. During the second year of his sentence, my client hired me to handle his appeal to reverse his conviction. After representing my client to the Court of Appeals, I was able to convince the appeals court to overturn the trial court's conviction based on my written briefs. My client was freed from jail immediately.
I persuaded the Cobb County Solicitor General not to prosecute my client for several misdemeanors against my client including Family Violence Battery. All charges on my client were dropped and a 36 month probation period and substantial fines were avoided due to the negotiated dismissal.
My client was charged with Felony Murder and First-Degree Child Cruelty, a conviction that would have sent my client to prison for life. After presenting a vigorous defense at my client's trial, I was able to get a not guilty verdict on the murder charges. My client served only 5 years in prison with probation for the Child Cruelty charge instead of a lifetime.
My client was charged with a misdemeanor for Shoplifting property valued at less than $500 and was worried about the damage the offense would have on his future. I was able to negotiate my client's charges to be dropped in exchange for his completion of a Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI). My client participated in community service and paid a small fee for PTI participation to restore his record to pre-arrest status.